Army Navy

army navy it is!!!;)

Late post!! Last saturday we went to St.Scholasticas Academy for parent orientation since my niece will be studying there.The schools nice, it was really huge, its an exclusive all -girls school , so whenever they have prom , an all boys-school will go to their school , and they also have a wide range of clubs that will suite your likes and if youre a girly-girl who wear acessories all the time ,well then this is not your niche,but if you really want to,the colors of your acessories will be blue,white, black or brown that’s it pfft., oh well i just wish my school was like that ,but studying in a science high school was really a one of a kind experience and  having a boy classmate was superb(say whutt?! superb daw oh,ang harot).

Then after that, we went to a nearby mall which is SMP,we ate smoked chicken and pork because the orientation ended at 11:30,that’s why the pets in our stomachs were really on a riot.Then we watched a movie.I wanted to watch Hunt, since the poster is very hunting and scary.FAM ,is that I like watching horror movies ,but still i’m a scaredy cat.For example I would scare someone then at the same I would scare myself also .double time.(FAM- is a short cut for facts about me, pinaikli ko lang dagdag arte).

Since i have my niece with me ,we chose to watch Diary ng Panget, don’t underestimate the newbies for their acting skills, in fact the movie house were all laughing and screaming whenever James Reid shows off his damn good looking abs,which is really eye catching.Plus Nadine Lustre , the kalook-a-like of Kathryn Bernardo, she’s really good ,she has a sense of humour, she and James Reid has sparks, kahit music video nga nila nakaka-kilig eh.Yassi Pressman,uhhm I like her eyeliner and her clothes haha.nahh.Her role suites her very well the british accent was great ,her acting is very edgy I like it, but the thing is Yassi and her partner didn’t have a chemistry that’s only my opinion,(please Team LorHad wag niyo ko awayin).And oh Yassi and Nadine , theyre meant for best friends, bagay!.Next, Andre Paras, he’s funny ,needs to improve his acting skills, I like his vampire spiel with Nadine.All in all the movie is sooooo good , didn’t expect for that to come out like that. Grool!.(came from the movie Mean Girls, great +cool=grool) 😀

At exactly 3 in the afternoon, the movie ended.We decided to eat, again, we ate at Army Navy.My family especially my brother loves mexican foods, like buritto, quesadillas and tacos.At first it was hard for us to pick what we’ll be eating but at the end of the day , my auntie picked for us since the top three foods we like were there , ayun ! we chose that plus two large iced teas , which I therefore conclude na mahal ang drinks.But it was all worth it.

I didn’t took a photo of the food we ate , which would really make my brother laugh, because he don’t like doing it.But it’s fun to take food shots right?,but for me ,since I don’t eat on a very picturesque food restaurant everyday.I’d rather savor the moment of eating them haha pg lang ang peg 🙂 

Okay onto the  food.The quesadillas, were sooooo goood , it was yummmyyy and the pricey iced tea was ,okay.I also like the burittos, my brother would surely love it too, pero siguro magyayabang yun na mas masarap yung kaniya, na I think sasangayon ako sa kaniya.It was also good , since I’m not really a foodie more like an eater and my food vocabulary is not as deep as the pacific ocean, I guess good and yummy would be enough.The tacos were , nahhhh kulang ata sa sauce.But the taco shell is very crunchy , love it.

So there, Am i accepeted to be a food blogger or just eating nalang ? hahaha.

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Army Navy

Late Post

First year was over and I felt both sad and happy about it.My blockmates weren’t really what I expect it to be.say hello to all the drama our block had, all the folks you knew were nice but apparently they’re not and vice versa.But hey looking through our facebook group , I miss them .I remember I cried to my mom , on the first month being away with her, living in a dormitory wasn’t really that bad, it’s just that when your alone and your dormates were not that talkative and you dont have anything school related stuffs to do , you would just shut and just stare at your wall and you would somehow miss your mom , especially when I was in high school wherein I dont even care if I’d set my alarm clock on 6:00 a.m, my mom would just wake me up, then went straight to kitchen , eat the food that was served and chat with my mom.I had my brother with me in the dormitory , different rooms of course, but I didn’t always see him , since he’s an engineering student and he’s a 3rd year plus he always play computer games near our school so most of the time I barely see him.Where was I? Oh food.My schedules on  first semester was very fine, I like it , monday-wednesday- friday my first class was math that’s 1-2 p.m , so I don’t need to wake up early, my food usually consists of bread and a can of vienna sausage then I’m good to go , I’m really not into cereal and milk for breakfast , I’d rather eat heavy meals.KAIN MARINO TO!:)

I passed physics yay!!!,I’m now an incoming sophomore, good luck to us, 🙂

Almost seventeen in 2weeks .yay!!!:)

Late Post