Imperfection is Beautiful.

Whoever said that Kendall Jenner was the prettiest of them all , must be kidding me.We all have different beauties, it’s just that we can’t see it from within. I have spent more often than not wishing I could be something I was not. I craved a different type of body, I’ve throwed a lot of pennies on Confucius’ well, wishing that when I woke up, my zits will be gone and that my hair won’t be frizzy.It has taken significant time and maturing to realize that perfect isn’t so perfect after all. I know it is easy to say those words, and I have said them many times to myself, but I felt lately that I am more happy than ever with the imperfect.

I’m sure there was a point in our lives that we wish that we have a perfect skin, a perfect set of teeth that is as white as a pearl, a face that can make someone took a double glance.We might stop and stare on a magazine shop, sighed and said you wished you would’ve been just like her, and the list goes on for self-depriving statements.Being negative and pessimistic is a huge hindrance from our true happiness, it stops us from being happy.

Imperfections are perfect, we should love our flaws we should not hate it, because it defines us different from others, it makes us who we are. More importantly imperfections allow for joy, acceptance, and room to live. Honestly I love that life is about to turn upside down.Be confident on the skin you are in, because in the first place, the one who will love you will not look on your face but in your heart of gold.Even if you will never be as skinny as those Victoria Secret Angels, or the beauty who makes everyone stare,you can be beautiful in your own way.And you have to accept that and own it.

“Imperfect people are all God has had to work with. That must be terribly frustrating to Him, but he works with it.” –Jeffrey R. Holland

Imperfection is Beautiful.