February 16, 2016 (Just take your Dreams and Fly)

It’s been really a loonggg time the last time I posted something here, so just a complete recap about my life the past 2 or 3 years I’m on my third year college incoming intern wahhhh  I can’t believe it’s happening I’m claiming it * crossed fingers* I hope and I believe. You know what I feel good today I just watched Sonia’s vlog about her pregnancy and her background song really stuck in my headd it just felt so good, especially the lyrics. The title of the song is Learn to Fly by: Bob Bradley,Matt Sanchez and Sarah Wassal.

Everything is just falling into their right places, Kuya is graduating this march, my mom finding her true happiness, my internship, I still need to fix three subjects and I’m good to go gahhhh.

Writing this post , I’m trying not to be pessimistic. What I learned about in college is that stress is always there, as in, Laboratory works, manuals, quizzes and the such, But our guidance councilor said during stress management, ” If you can’t avoid stress you have to adapt to it”, and sometimes it works sometimes it don’t. During my Third year , 1st sem, stress came in like a , yup, wrecking ball :)I got a lot of failed subjects, failed quizzes, failed friendships. I did breakdown , I cried to my mom, asking her where did all my efforts go, aren’t my profs seeing what I’m doing?, I got mad and depressed that stress and depression took place all over me, I even begged my prof to pass me. I even lost a friend,our problem is miscommunication, or theres a small problem that I let it become bigger and bigger until boom, tip of the iceberg, up until now I don’t know if its my fault or her, were okay now but the friendship is gone, we talk and smile but that’s it, I can feel that she wanted and I wanted to talk about what happened but nahh I think were better off this way, Theres a quote in facebook that said, ” You miss someone , but you dont want to go back to it”, I guess I just missed our moments.

If you let stress, depression and negative thoughts take all over yourself, nothing good will ever happen.Trust me based on my experience, ahhhhh.But atleast I got to experience it hahaha.

If that happened Talk to your mom and most importantly talk to God. Our relationship to God really becomes tight when were experiencing this kind of situations.If you failed your exams, friendships, relationship and the such just follow my mantra.Accept,Let go, Have Faith.

Accept that failure is just normal, it’s part of our life it teaches us a lesson.If you’ve felt that you’re lost or you’re a failure, or maybe you don’t know if the path your taking is right, Just take that freaking path, take a leap.Whenever I go home from Angeles to Olongapo everything you see is just a forest like pathway,theres a lot of trees and flowers and as you go along the way there’s a tunnel and at the end of it you’ll see the lights and buildings and the beauty of Subic, what I’m trying to say here is that your journey will never be as wonderful as you would expect it to be, at first it will be a lot of ups and downs ..and downs,but really at the end of the day you’ll see that *say this with me* IT’S ALL GONNA BE WORTH IT!!!

Let go!. Let go of all your fears and your negative thoughts.Start being optimistic, and listen to feel good music, and surround yourself with a really really good company.If you’ve failed a test, it’s okay to cry and thought about it all day and after that , breathe pray and let go of it and try your best next time.

Have Faith! ahhh finally the last stage of my mantra.After you did all those efforts, offer everything to God Have Faith and He will provide all your needs , He will see your hearts desire.He listens.Trust me, I remember we were having a quiz in Clinical Microscopy,I reviewed the chapter during the weekends,And once I received the paper, I am so happy because I know the answers, but there was this certain item that I forgot,one freaking item and i forgot!! I kept digging about the answer in my brain and I cant find it then  I told God that “Lord this is my last quiz, my last shot, please help me , please give me the answer” then boom OH MY GOOD LORD, as in right in that moment I remembered it ahhhhhh I felt so goood. He listens, He provides.If you got what you want thank Him, If not, still, thank him and yupp Have Faith!!

I still have a lot to share and talk about but, I still have a quiz tomorrow at 2’oclock in the afternoon wish me luck.


while your reading my post , please listen to the song that inspired me to write about this.

Here it is ❤

February 16, 2016 (Just take your Dreams and Fly)